Red Cross lifeguards report another successful summer

Red Cross lifeguards report another successful summer
SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT: The Red Cross beach patrol unit Photo credit: Javea Ayuntamiento

THE RED CROSS beach patrol unit finished its tenth high summer season in Javea last weekend, reporting yet another summer with no drownings on the stretch of prime Costa Blanca coast.

The unit took charge of the beach patrol in 2007 and this summer some 42 Red Cross lifeguards monitored the area, ensuring the safety of bathers.

This summer, 67 rescues were made, 10 of those being when red flags were clearly flying and bathers entered the sea despite being warned by lifeguards not to.

The rest of the rescues took place in unmonitored areas, caused mainly by bathers jumping into the sea from the rocks– an act that, in most areas, is forbidden.

Despite the low figures, the Red Cross together with the local police remind bathers to act responsibly – especially in unmonitored areas.

As for healthcare, around 3,000 Javea beachgoers required medical assistance this summer, in comparison to around 5,000 in 2016.

This drop is due to the decline of jellyfish along the coast – the unit said there has been “almost none”.

The majority of incidents requiring medical assistance involved spider fish stings, hedgehog pricks and heatstroke.

78 Javea beachgoers were taken away in ambulances this summer, most of these incidents relating to cardio-respiratory problems. All of Javea’s beaches are equipped with a defibrillator to respond to these types of emergencies and the Arenal even has two, making the Javea coast one of the safest on the Costa Blanca.

Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi congratulated the Red Cross beach patrol unit on yet another successful high summer season.

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