Regional help to obtain driving licenses

INVESTMENT: Murcia to give grants to help more pass their test Photo credit: Flickr

MURCIA’S regional president Fernando López Miras has announced an initiative to help young people who want to get their driving license.

A total of €15,000 is being set aside for those enrolled in the Youth Guarantee programme and wish to pass their driving test, which works out to a grant between €345 and €420 per applicant.  The amount invested is three times the amount originally announced.

The Regional Association of Driving Schools of Murcia (ARAMUR), said that one of the conditions of the grant was that the applicants needed to get their driving license by May of next year.

Miras welcomed the involvement of ARAMUR that runs the largest number of driving schools in the area, adding that all interested parties in this project will shortly be meeting to work out the next stage.

It’s also hoped that the regional government can work with the driving schools to try to reduce the amount of bureaucracy so that those seeking to take lessons spend less time dealing with official paperwork.

During this week, ARAMUR organised a series of lectures, theory and practical lessons of efficient driving and basic car maintenance.

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