Road rage in Alhaurin de la Torre

Road rage
Road rage

THE mayor of Alhaurin de la Torre has accused the Andalusian authorities of downsizing the town’s new access road.

Allegedly the large access road that was originally planned, and was estimated to cost around €36 million to complete, has been reduced to a “mini road” after the Housing and Development Department scaled back the size of the project.

De la Torre added that those in charge have reduced the budget by 64 per cent which will mean many of the town’s neighbourhoods are excluded from the development.

The Minister of Housing and Development, Felipe Lopez, announced last week that €13 million will be now invested in the project – which has thrown all previous plans into confusion.

De la Torre laments that no work has been carried out on the developments in the eight years since the original plans were authorised and fears that the council will have to reapply for the original road project, even though it was already approved, as it is not clear what new plans the regional authorities have in place.

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