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Fake tan, white teeth
Fake tan, white teeth Photo credit: Wikimedia

Does rubbing fruit on your teeth remove stains?

Strawberries, lemons, even banana peels – we’ve heard of people reaching for the fruit bowl in an effort to get a shiny smile, but does it work? No. Not only will this not remove stains, but it will also seriously damage your teeth. Fruit acids and acids in the other foods we eat and drink cause tooth enamel to wear away and teeth can become discoloured and yellow as a result. Brushing after a meal will help, but avoid doing so for 20 minutes after consuming acidic foods. Acid softens your enamel, and brushing too soon will only speed up tooth wear before the enamel has time to settle again.

3 emergency hacks to remove fake tan

1. Reach for lemon juice
Douse a damp flannel with lemon or lime juice, then pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Checking it’s not too hot, rub it over your tan to instantly remove the colour.

2. Hit the steam room
Another way to absorb it with heat is to go for a steam at the gym. After 10 minutes, wipe the area with a towel and it should rub off easily.

3. Try toothpaste
If you’ve got tan tides on your wrists or patchy streaks on your hands, try rubbing some toothpaste over your mitts. It has to be white toothpaste though; the bright blue or stripy formulas won’t have the same effect!

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