Sala replaces Sanchez as Mayor of Calpe

Sala replaces Sanchez
BETTER THINGS TO DO: Cesar Sanchez resigned to focus on bigger things as Head of the Provincial Council of Alicante Photo credit Calpe Ayuntamiento

IT was announced this week that Ana Sala will replace Cesar Sanchez as the Mayor of Calpe.

Sala, the Councillor of Urbanism dubbed a ‘heavyweight in local politics’pipped the likes of Pilar Cabrera and Hilde Elisa Peter Backaert to the post.

She will leave Urbanism in the hands of Bernardo Moll, whilst Domingo Sanchez takes over Moll’s previous General Services post.

Sala will also assume the position of Councillor of Sports.

Cesar Sanchez’s impending departure has been celebrated by some residents, one criticising him for “allowing licenses for two architectural monsters and dismissing employees to reemploy them, costing the people of Calpe €1 million” before saying he has done nothing for the municipality but use the Mayor post as a “political springboard.”

It has been widely reported that the mayor was intending on resigning earlier this year, but the process was hindered by the much talked-about Supreme Court ruling that forced him to reemploy the employees he had dismissed in 2011.

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