SAMM, extra racing, different format

SAMM, extra racing, different format
Shoestring Dos and Tres battle it out

OCTOBER is the month that many non-resident members of SAMM and those that were away during the heat of the summer arrive back in Spain. So the race committee decided to organise racing every Sunday during the month and, by popular agreement, make the extra three dates Pursuit Racing.

This involves having a race with a time limit; 90 minutes in this case, starting the slowest boat first, followed by the remaining boats at irregular intervals calculated using their handicaps.

Due to the lack of early wind, the first race started at 12.10pm with nine boats competing around a triangular course. The little Rosita was away first, followed by the rest over a 26 minute period. Unfortunately Rosita struggled badly in the light four knot wind and couldn’t make the start line for over 10 minutes, so retired.

A good race ensued with Sirocco gradually being caught by Shoestring’s Dos and Tres, and racing neck and neck. Sirocco was overtaken just minutes from the finish after completing just over two laps of the course.

By 2.40pm the wind had increased to 8 knots and this time Mistral and Sirocco were the first boats away. The Skipper was second away, 6 minutes later, but had to retire when her mainsail split.

Mistral led the field for three laps as Dos and Tres, again racing hard against each other and just seconds apart, chased her down. They both finally passed her during the fourth lap, with 30 minutes of the race remaining and then continued to battle each other for the lead. At times only 10 seconds separated them but eventually Tres won by a margin of 36 seconds. The Laser Radial also managed to pass Mistral with just five minutes to go to secure third place.

Everybody enjoyed the change from the normal race format and is looking forward to trying pursuit racing again in two weeks time.

Morning race – First: Dos, John Down/Tim Wills. Second: Tres, Jack Moss/Vernon O’Byrne. Third: Sirocco, Julian Pering/Steve Rocks.

Afternoon race – First: Tres, Tug Wilson/Vernon O’Byrne. Second: Dos, John Down/Kerry Marlow. Third: The Laser Radial of Norman Vener.

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