SAMM – When having plenty of wind is an advantage

SAMM - Esther and Jesus
Esther Gonzales and Jesús Saura with their Mattia catamaran

FOR THE first time in many weeks there was a good wind all day for the SAMM Pursuit Racing on October 15, with 8-10 knots for the morning race and 10-12 knots for the afternoon.

Five new people joined the regular competitors, three crewed in some of the regular boats, but a young Spanish couple, Esther Gonzales and Jesús Saura competed in their Mattia F18 catamaran.

Nine boats came to the morning start and all the fleet stared within 17 minutes of the first boat except the F18, which is so fast its start was 45 minutes later.

A good race ensued and gradually the first away were being caught and passed by the chasers so that with 7 ½ minutes to go the fifth boat to start, the Topaz Duo, rounded the mark to start the 5th lap followed by the F18, which had been steaming round the course, just 45 seconds later. That last 6 ½ minutes was enough for the F18 to take the lead just before the finish gun sounded.

Only seven boats started the afternoon race, and The Sailfish 18’s “Sirocco” and “Mistral” were first away and “Sirocco” held this lead for three laps but had been passed by the Gamba “Shoestring Uno” and the Topaz by the end of lap four.

The Topaz had started 4th but made up a place every lap so 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st and held the lead until the finish signal. It later transpired that the Topaz had capsized at one time but recovered to continue, so an excellent performance to finish in the lead.

Final positions:

Morning race: 1st – Mattia F18, 2nd – Topaz Duo, 3rd – Gamba, 4th – Laser 2000 “Dos”, 5th – Sailfish 18 “Mistral”

Afternoon race: 1st – Topaz Duo, 2nd – Gamba, 3rd – Laser 2000 “Tres”, 4th – Sailfish 18 “Mistral”, 5th – Laser 2000 “Dos”

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