Save water at home with six simple steps

Save water at home with six simple steps
Save water at home with six simple steps
  1. TIGHTEN leaking or dripping taps
    Have leaks fixed as soon as possible, and always close taps securely.
  1. Reduce your water pressure
    Too-high water pressure doesn’t just waste water, it could also cause damage to pipes, resulting in leaks that will lead to more water wastage. Consider installing water-pressure-reducing valves to prevent this.
  1. Don’t drink from the tap
    Pouring drinking water from the tap often means leaving water to run for a few seconds until it’s cold. So, you’re effectively going through at least two glasses of water for every one you drink – the rest goes down the drain. Fill up a few bottles at once to store in the fridge instead.
  1. Keep a shallow bucket…
    …in your kitchen sink to catch the runoff from rinsing vegetables and washing hands. Pour it onto your garden.
  1. Don’t rinse or wash dishes under the tap
    Hand washing usually involves two sinks full of water – one for soap and one for rinsing – or turning the tap on and off again to rinse each individual dish. A dishwasher can use about half the amount of water. Opt for one with an ‘economy’ cycle if possible.
  1. Upgrade your washing machine
    If your model is more than five years old, you may be missing out on water-saving technology advancements.
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