Second Spanish Air Force tragedy in five days

MURCIA LINK: Fernando Perez Serrano killed during take off Photo credit: Twitter

IN the space of only a few days, a second Spanish Air Force pilot has been killed.

Fernando Perez Serrano, 26, and born in Alcantarilla, Murcia died when his F-18 fighter crashed inside the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base in Madrid during take-off.  According to the Ministry of Defence, the pilot was unable to eject from the aircraft and the cause of the accident was due to a loss of power.

Serrano, a single man, had been in the Air Force since 2009, and had more than 700 hours flying experience.  He came from a military background as his father, Fernando Perez Nicolás, was the commander in chief of the Paratroopers Squadron Squadron (EZAPAC) of the Alcantarilla Air Base in the early 1990s, and so the family spent those years living on the installation itself.

His career later took him to Seville and Madrid – where his parents still live – and kept in contact with a number of family members in Murcia whom he regularly visited and so not completely losing the link with the region.

Five days earlier, Captain Borja Aybar García was killed after being involved in a crash in his Eurofighter during his return from the Madrid air show.  He was only 34-years-old, married with a four-month old son and had family in Santa Pola.

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