‘Shower’ thief sentenced to six months

‘Shower’ thief sentenced to six months

A MAN has been sent to prison for six months for stealing €1,400 worth of jewellery.

The Provincial Court of Murcia has confirmed the sentence awarded to the young man who took advantage of a friend’s offer to have a shower at his home following a game of football. While he was in the house, he stole the jewellery belonging to his friend’s mother.  The events took place back in July 2013 when the offender was classed as a minor and acknowledged he was the culprit at the time.

The woman didn’t notice the theft of her property until a few days afterwards who took some time off work to search her house from top to bottom without any success.  It was at this point she realised they must have been stolen and reported her suspicions to the police.

During the investigation it was proven that the stolen items were offered for sale in a shop that purchases gold.

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