Skin treatment helps teen

Skin treatment helps teen
Caption: Heartbreaking: The 16-year-old is often compared to a snake due to her condition Credit: Twitter/ @Zeer804Salah

A TEENAGE girl suffering from a rare skin disease has shown signs of improvement.

As previously reported in Euro Weekly News issue 1680, Shalini Yadav, 16, has erythroderma, an inflammatory skin disease also known as red man syndrome, which causes her to shed her skin every two months.

After reading about her condition, Spanish journalist Paco Rego helped the young Hindu receive treatment from some of the best specialists at the International Medical Academy of Marbella.

As a result of the treatment, Shalini has gained weight and grown in height as well as experiencing improved motor abilities.

She has now returned to India where her treatment will continue at home.

Shalini is given a daily bath of water and oats before the application of a number of different treatment creams, a treatment which has had a significant impact on her condition and given her a longer life expectancy according to Spanish media sources.

In Malaga, she has learned to use a computer, play chess and handle a mobile phone.

She wants to study medicine to be able to provide others with similar help to that which she has received.

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