Sniffer dogs find drugs and cash

NO HIDING PLACE: Small stash of hash..large stash of cash Photo credit: Policia Nacional

TWO PEOPLE have been arrested as being behind alleged drug trafficking offences after their vehicles were found to contain hashish.  

Their illegal stash was discovered by one of the dogs of the National Police’s Canine Unit trained for the detection of drugs and had recently been honoured for their work.

As well as the 100 grams of hashish, a total of €53,700 was found in two separate places in the car in plastic bags after being searched during a routine set of police checks.  Of the six cars that were intercepted by police, two were given special attention after those in the car gave conflicting versions of the reasons for their journey.   Their suspicions caused the police to call for the backup of the canine team to carry out a more detailed search of the vehicle.

The subsequent search found most of the drugs stuffed into the glove compartment with almost €40,000.  The remaining money was located hidden in the surroundings of the gear stick in the centre of the car.  The car’s occupants couldn’t justify why they were in possession of the narcotics and such a large amount of money, and further checks indicated that neither was working in Spain; one of them being in the country illegally.

The two detainees are a 30 and 34-year-old men of Moroccan nationality.

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