Suspected Guardamar arsonist arrested

Caption: LOCATED: Suspected arsonist arrested twice in 72 hours. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Guardamar

A MAN suspected as being the arsonist responsible for a total of eight forest fires in Guardamar del Segura has been arrested.  The alleged perpetrator has been identified as a homeless person who actually lives among the pines and is understood to suffer from mental health issues.

It transpires that the man was detained shortly after the last of the reported fires on Friday and explains why locals noticed the absence of any incidents in the forest for a period of 72 hours; the amount of time he was in custody.  However, not long after his release after the maximum amount of time permitted, another small fire was discovered and the man was apparently re-arrested and taken into custody.

Over the course of a period of 15 days, a total of eight fires destroying a total of five hectares of land were allegedly started deliberately, with the latest one according to local firefighters, only burning an area of five square metres.  They also confirmed that they were able to control the spread of the fire without any assistance from the air as had been the case in the previous attacks, even though aircraft and helicopters were put on standby.

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