Tabarca locals have a continuing itch to scratch

ISLAND: Fleas causing irritation to Tabarca residents Photo credit: Wikimedia

RESIDENTS of Tabarca have warned that they are suffering from fleas.  They have blamed the situation on the increase of the insects on the larger than usual number of cats on the island.

Locals have complained about the plague for a few weeks are waiting for the area to be fumigated, but it’s alleged that there is nothing left in the council budget to undertake the task.

President of the residents association Carmen Martí said: “Last year, the department of animal protection carried out a major sterilisation programme and mass de-worming of the cats which is something that we on the island appreciate.  It always helps to control the animal population.”  However, for this year there has allegedly been no worming programme which has caused the fleas to breed among the increasing number of feral cats.

To cover the cost of a number of sterilisations, money is going to be collected from the residents who believe it’s the only way to be able to control the cat population.

Martí also hoped that in the future there would be better communication between the neighbourhood associations, the council and the pest control company used, commenting that when they do come to fumigate the island the chemicals are allegedly not being concentrated in the areas where the fleas are.

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