Ten arrested as drug gang bust

Ten arrested as drug gang bust
READY FOR SALE: 393 grams of cocaine were in wraps Photo credit Euro Weekly News

TEN people were arrested as police bust a drug trafficking gang in Gandia.

The six men and four women, all aged between 26 and 62 and of Colombian, Spanish and Ukranian origin, were arrested as police officers stormed numerous properties and storage facilities, seizing more than a kilogram of cocaine, 45 grams of hashish and around €40,000 in cash, along with a vehicle, three mobile phones and equipment used to package the drugs.

The investigation began in June after the police became suspicious of a restaurant owner in Gandia who they believed was selling drugs.

Police officers soon discovered the operation was of a much larger scale and that the drugs were supplied to the restaurant owner, who had ‘runners’ around the city, distributing the drugs daily.

Of the cocaine seized, 393 grams were enveloped in ‘wraps’ ready for sale.

Five of the detainees already have criminal records.

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