The road to school is uncomfortable

The road to school is uncomfortable
The road to school is uncomfortable

PARENTS and children alike have complained about the state of access roads and pavements to a number of schools in Crevillente.

Many of the access paths are blocked with shrubs that have overgrown and forces pedestrians to have to move into the road which is dangerous at normal times, let alone during the comings and goings of the school run.

Even though the municipality did clean up some of the affected areas before the beginning of the term around the Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, Puig Jover, Francesc Candela and Macià Abela schools and colleges, the weeds have taken over the pavements again and is causing continual concern to those that use those areas on a daily basis.

On top of this, many of the pavements are cracked and broken and only add to the dangers and has increased the amount of pressure parents have put on the local authority to begin a series of repairs as soon as possible.

Calle Manuel Sanchis Guarner has become one of busier areas during the school run and has also attracted a number of complaints about those drivers who habitually double park or leave their cars in a dangerous spot as they accompany their children to the school gates.

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