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2016: Prince Harry arrives at the Invictus Games and greets wounded birtish athletes Photo Credit: Wikimedia

FOR some weeks now I have banged on about politics, and politician’s. I must apologise, it must be that I have now become a grumpy old man.

However, I want to wave a banner to one of the greatest ideas that anybody has come up with in recent times.

The Invictus Games, where men and women who have survived appalling injuries, compete in an Olympic style sports games, these games have become part of their rehabilitation, some have appalling injuries after losing limbs or sight while serving in the armed forces.

I want to denounce the British Government for the continued attempt to try to show the rest of the world that we are still a great fighting nation.

It has cost us a fortune that we can ill afford, apart from the overseas aid that we have to continue to give to the countries that we have fought in or fight in at this present day.

As our young men and women lose their lives and their limbs, in god forbidden places that we should not have been in, in the first place.

I applaud Prince Harry for his success in bringing the games into the world spotlight, allowing us mortals to see how great these young people can be even with terrible injuries.

I know some Royal Princes can be criticised, after all he was born into royalty. It was not his fault and this young, upright man has succeeded in life in his own way, becoming a soldier and serving in the frontline was his brave choice, he could have joined air miles Andy, his uncle jetting around, winking at pretty girls.

No! Harry did his thing and since he left the services he is paying back his colleagues, using his warmth, humour and kindness. It was good to see him recently with his lovely girlfriend Meghan, who I am a great fan of, after watching her for a long time in the brilliant TV series Suits. I do hope they get married as they look so in love and happy together.

As I am writing about the Invictus games I want to mention one man in particular. He is Corporal Ricky Paul Furgusson, formerly of The Rifles.

Ricky Furgusson went to the aid of wounded comrades in Afghanistan, he smiled broadly as he stepped forward on carbon fibre legs to receive a gallantry medal from the Queen, his bravery on the battlefield helped save the lives of many of his comrades.

Corporal Ricky Furgusson, 25, lost both legs, an eye, and all his fingers on both hands as he travelled backwards and forwards four times to rescue colleagues in Afghanistan in January. He has only been on his artificial legs for six weeks, but was determined to walk up to the Queen to receive the Military Cross at Buckingham Palace.

This is a man to admire, many youngsters, who sit around guzzling beer and smoking weed should look to this kind of person as an example of what being British is, this is a part of our culture that we seem to have lost. Must we go on fighting other people’s wars, and losing some of our young people that could be the backbone of Britain, I hope not.

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