This week in Scandinavia – Match Off

Scandinavia - Womens Football
Scandinavia - Denmark Women´s Football Team

Match off

A WOMAN’S world cup qualifying match between Denmark and Sweden due to be played today (Friday) has been cancelled due to a dispute over the Danish team’s contracts.

Bomb blast

WHAT is believed to have been a powerful bomb exploded outside a police station in the Swedish city of Helsinborg and it is considered  to have been planted by criminal rather than terrorist factions.

Sex pest

IN two separate Facebook posts, Icelandic singer Björk has accused an un-named Danish director of sexually harassing her both physically and by whispering innuendo into her ear.

Dual ID

NORWAY is to consider introducing dual citizenship in its fight against terrorism so that if anyone is convicted of terrorist activity they would automatically lose their Norwegian passport.

Uber and out

AFTER losing its licence to operate in London, Uber which is unlicensed in Norway will put its UberPOP operation on hold whilst the government decides whether to allow it to trade.

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