This week in Scandinavia – New depths


New depths

UNDER, Europe’s first underwater restaurant,is set to open in February 2018 near Båly, Norway. It will focus on local cuisine and feature a huge panoramic window providing a view of the seabed and marine wildlife.

Ladies first

NORWAY’S defence minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide, is the country’s first female foreign minister after a cabinet reshuffle that means the three most senior government positions are now occupied by women.

Deer oh deer

A ‘HERMAPHRODITE’ elk that appeared to be neither male nor female has been killed in Sweden’s annual hunt after being shot by a 67-year-old man who said “none of us have ever seen anything like it.”

Flash Harry

PRINCE HARRY wowed the crowd in Copenhagen by speaking a few words in Danish in a speech at Tivoli Gardens. The 33-year-old UK Royal was on a whistlestop 48-hour tour of the capital city.

Neigh way

A SCHEME allowing horse owners to have their dead animals fed to lions at Copenhagen Zoo has become so popular that there is now a six-month waiting list, with donation to a biodiesel company the only other available option.

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