Three skin sins to avoid for sensitive skin

Three skin sins to avoid for sensitive skin
BE PATIENT: In general, it takes your skin around a month to adjust to a new product Photo credit
  1. AVOID: Switching things up. It can be frustrating when you start using a brand-new beauty product only for your skin to a) get worse or b) show absolutely zero results. But hopping from one routine to the next can actually aggravate sensitive skin even more. Switching your products too frequently also makes it very difficult to keep track of which products are actually helping, or which ingredients may be causing irritation.

Instead: Give it time. In general, it takes your skin around a month to adjust to a new product, so be patient. However, if your skin feels irritated from the get-go, sniff out the culprit and stop using, sharpish.

  1. AVOID: Skipping sun cream. It might feel like a chore when you’re in a rush to leave the house in the morning, but irritable skin usually has a heightened sensitivity to the sun.

Instead: Never go below SPF 30 and look for sun creams that contain minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

  1. AVOID: Overly complicated, 100-step routines. It’s common sense that the simpler your beauty routine is, the less chance of something aggravating your skin.

Instead: Keep it simple and your skin will thank you for it. Look out for phrases like ‘fragrance-free’ and consider brands whose formulas contain naturally active ingredients and help to soothe dry, irritable skin. If you’re not sure about a product, do a test patch behind your ear a few times over a week before going all in.

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