Tighter security leads trader concerns

PREVENTION: Cartagena suffering from security measures Photo credit: Wikimedia

REPRESENTATIVES of a local traders association in Cartagena have expressed concern over the situation in Catalonia that is affecting their business in more than one way.

Members of the Cartagena Open Shopping Centre (CCA) believe that the increased security measures deemed necessary following the terrorist attacks in Barcelona that killed 16 people, have significantly taken away shoppers from the town centre and affecting small business outlets.

President of the CCA, Antonio Sánchez, said: “To improve trade in the city centre, the first thing that needs to be done is to find solutions other than placing large pots on the streets or blocking access with police vehicles.”

The extra precautions were put in place during August to stop potential terrorists driving trucks or vans in copycat attacks and whilst the move is accepted, Sanchez hoped that such obstacles might be reduced next year.

An additional consequence of the issues in Catalonia is also affecting products bought from that part of Spain.  It’s been noticed by the CCA that customers are boycotting items made in the autonomous region.  Many have been reported coming into shops, checking the origin of the product and if it’s Catalan are not purchasing it.

Despite all the events off the summer to date, Sanchez of the CCA noted that trade in Cartagena has not been affected too much as data shows sales levels are more or less the same as 12 months ago.

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