Time to chime

Clock rescheduled
RESCHEDULED: The clock will only chime on the hour from now on Photo credit Calpe Ayuntamiento

CALPE’S Town Hall clock has been in operation since 1868.

Designed by watchmaker Mauro Miro Gilabert from Alcoy, the clock was initially on the Portalet tower before the tower was demolished in 1920.

The clock was then moved to the Town Hall and whilst there have been periods where it has faced the ailments of its age, it has reminded residents of the time twice an hour every day from morning until midnight ever since.

The chime of the clock is loud and newer neighbours of the Town Hall have petitioned for some time for the council to reschedule the clock to allow them a full night’s sleep.

The council has acknowledged neighbour’s requests and recently rescheduled the clock so it chimes only once an hour instead of twice an hour. The clock will also stop chiming at 9.00pm instead of at midnight.

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