To the rescue, eagle stuck in tree in Javea

To the rescue
A HELPING HAND: The emergency services tried to remove the plastics/ threads from the bird’s foot Photo credit Facebook

JAVEA’S emergency services rescued an eagle trapped in a pine tree in the Cap Marti area.

A neighbour reported the large bird being stuck in the tree – it looked as if it was injured and unable to fly.

The height of the pine tree meant that firefighters had to climb the telescopic ladder on the fire engine in order to rescue the bird.

Also involved in the rescue operation was another neighbour with knowledge of falconry.

Upon reaching the bird, firefighters found that it had its foot caught in a bundle of plastics/ threads usually used for gardening – which was stopping it from flying.

The large bird was brought down from the tree and was taken to the Generalitat’s bird rescue where it will be nursed back to full health.

Javea’s emergency services thanked citizens for their collaboration in the rescue operation.

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