Turtles released back to nature

Turtles released back to nature
CONSERVATION: Residents asked to report any future turtle sightings Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

AN emotional ceremony took place at La Mata beach that saw half a dozen young turtles freed back into the sea.  The six turtles were part of a batch of eggs that were laid in Sueca more than 12 months ago.

They were from a nest that was one of only four discovered on the coast of the Valencian Community in the past 200 years…another was coincidentally found in La Mata.

Over the past 10 years, Torrevieja town hall has been collaborating with the Oceanographic Centre in Valencia and the Valencian Government in a major turtle conservation programme, and José Manuel Dolón – Torrevieja’s mayor – said that a great deal of dedication had gone into reaching this day of being able to release the turtles back into their natural habitat.

“It is very important that children participate in this release so that they realise from a young age that the conservation of the oceans is down to everyone,” he said.

A group of children from the Ciudad del Mar School had previously picked names for the six turtles and were present to wave them off as they made their tentative steps out to sea.  The creatures were born weighing just 18 grams and were just four centimetres long.  When released they had increased to 1.5 kilos in weight and 18 centimetres in length.

The mayor also took the opportunity to thank everyone involved for their contributions to help conserve the “fragile environmental balance” of the sea.

Anyone who sees a turtle or a nest on any beach should call 112 and report it so that the rescue procedures can be put into action immediately.

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