Twelve years for brother-in-law killer

GUILTY: Fight between brothers ended in tragedy Photo Credit: Public Domain

A RESIDENT of Torrevieja has been sent to prison for 12 and a half years for killing his brother-in-law.

The man was convicted of the incident back in July after being found guilty by jury of homicide aggravated by superiority.  Being guilty of such a crime means the accused had possession of a weapon which, in law, gave him an advantage to be able to end the man’s life.

The sentence has been confirmed by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Communtiy (TSJCV) against N. K. who stabbed his wife’s brother eight times during an argument with a 20cm blade.

It was back on January 28, 2015 when the incident happened and according to the evidence the guilty man went to his brother-in-law’s house located on Calle Clemente Gonzálvez after drinking.  An argument broke out over financial issues in the middle of the street which resulted in the stabbing in the stomach and back causing the victim to bleed to death.

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