Unexpected decision to cut flights to Spain

Unexpected decision to cut flights to Spain
A Norwegian 737-8JP at so far unaffected Gatwick Airport Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas

AFTER the failure of Monarch Airlines, the sudden cancellation of certain routes from the UK to Spain by budget Norwegian Airline is causing some consternation.

It is not unusual for airlines to withdraw or curtail certain services to areas which are popular sunshine tourist destinations, but this is normally done with plenty of advance warning, whilst Norwegian literally withdrew the flights with just a few days notice.

So far there has been no suggestion that flights out of London will be affected but the three UK airports immediately hit are Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester and with so many expatriates travelling to and from Malaga and the UK, this will reduce the options available and possibly lead to costs of flights increasing.

Whilst it is possible to travel from Malaga on Norwegian to any of the three airports where direct flights have been cancelled, fares are exceptionally high and require a change of flight at a Scandinavian airport meaning that few will wish to spend the extra cash or take the extra time.

According to the airline, they have been reviewing all of their routes as a matter of policy in order to ensure that they divert their resources to the busiest routes and if this is to be taken at face value, it could be argued that this is a sensible business decision.

However with a recent bankruptcy leaving the British government having to repatriate more than 100,000 passengers and the very suddenness of the announcement, some questions will be raised concerning the financial well-being of this airline which has apparently been recruiting pilots from competitors Ryanair.

Certainly if there is a market for the affected routes than other airlines may be expected to increase their services.

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