Vegetable oil recycling encouraged

Vegetable oil recycling encouraged
Vegetable oil recycling encouraged

AS part of the continuing plan to encourage recycling and the environment councillor in Catral has signed an agreement for a supply of new containers within the municipality.

Juan José Vicente, announced the deal with private company Reciclajes Alimentaria SL for the installation of and free collection from a number of containers for the use of residents and businesses to deposit used vegetable oil for recycling.

For the first phase of the project, five lightweight orange containers have been placed for people to deposit the oil in plastic bottles at Calle San Joaquín (in front of the supermarket), Calle Comunidad Valenciana (at the junction with Calle Santa Águeda), Calle Azorín (on the corner by the school), Avenida Callosa (next to the 24 hour shop) and Avenida Purísima (in front of the supermarket).

Many municipalities up and down the Costa Blanca have adopted similar schemes which prevent water pollution and the gradual deterioration of pipes, and the recycled oil can be used to create a number of ecological products such as biodiesel and soaps.

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