Villajoyosa hospital ready to go

Ready to go
HOSPITAL MARINA BAIXA: The mayor said residents have been waiting “too long” for this much-needed infrastructure Photo credit Wikimedia

FORMALITIES are in place for the expansion works of Hospital Marina Baixa in Villajoyosa to begin.

Villajoyosa Mayor Andreu Verdu presented the plans this week and confirmed that the Council will now hand the appropriated plots over to begin works.

The Council appropriated three plots of land covering almost 25,000 square metres, to enable the expansion works to take place.

The plots were purchased last year from three farmers at a cost of €253,444.37.

The farmers have since come together to query the price paid for the plots and appeal to the Court of Expropriation.

The Court will deliver a verdict within the next few weeks, at which point the Council may be told to cough up more cash if the valuations are found to have been out.

The Mayor explained that the appeal does not affect the works, acknowledging that Marina Baixa residents have “been waiting too long for this much-needed infrastructure in the region.”

Because of delays “outside the Town Hall’s control”, budgets have had to be reallocated and works are expected to begin in the second half of next year – with an execution time of 18 months, works are expected to complete in 2020.

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