Wanna suck face? – Jávea Players’ forthcoming production of On Golden Pond

Javea Players
The cast from Javea Players´ On Golden Pond – directed by Ron Skinner

ONE OF the disadvantages of a long life is that you end up being old. Fact.  That’s better than the alternative, obviously, but when a significant birthday is on the horizon, thoughts turn to the ‘what if and when’, with a mixture of anger, cynicism and fear. This wouldn’t normally be a subject for humour, but you haven’t yet met Norman Thayer (Mike Martin).

The retired professor is one of the main characters in Jávea Players’ forthcoming production of On Golden Pond – directed by Ron Skinner – which revolves around one family’s struggles. So much emotion, with painful truths from missed bonding opportunities in the past, but all intertwined with wit and wry humour.

Norman and Ethel’s (Rosemary Brown) prickly daughter Chelsea [Leigh Patterson] feels she ought to attend her father’s birthday this year, although to be honest, she really wants to leave her fiancé’s (Nigel Poole) son with them for a month. A month? Norman is horrified: he couldn’t even form a relationship with his own daughter so how’s he going to manage with a 13-year-old he doesn’t even know?

Billy (Luke Holmes) isn’t exactly bowled over by the idea of spending time with old fogies whom he’s never met before, on a remote lake, but surprisingly they hit it off. “So, what do you do when not in school?” “Cruise chicks and then suck face” … which has nothing to do with new-born Loons.

To fully appreciate all the nuances in this emotionally charged but funny play, make a date in your diary! The show runs from Tuesday November 7 to Saturday November 11 at the Unión Musical de Gata, starting at 8pm.

Choose and pay for your tickets – €12.50 – on the booking page at www.javeaplayers.com. If you have a problem please e-mail [email protected] or call 865 528 551.

Groups of 10 or more booking together will be offered a free drink in place of the previous discount.

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