Wellbeing for Albir

Viva, Albir
Viva Wellbeing Event, Albir

THE third annual Viva wellbeing event is due to take place on the 4-6th November at the Hotel Albir Playa. Co-founded and co-organised by Sheela Masand, a local resident of Albir who has lived in Spain for over 30 years. Her love for the Costa Blanca and her profession as a transformational coach has resulted in the fusion of the two – The Viva event.

The focal point of the event is the simple principles that many believe underpin our human psychology – something that to date may have been overlooked. An awareness and understanding of these principles may aid in prevention, intervention and recovery.

Stress and burnout can occur in any area of life as a result of relationship struggles, business challenges, money worries, lack of confidence, anxiety and depression. The Viva event provides an excellent showcase for speakers to share the impact of their newly gained understanding of how they feel the mind works, in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming setting.

The event aims to offer the perfect antidote to the stressors of modern life and provide a connection to many interesting people. It is an event that promises to recognise “the excellence within and celebrates this truly outstanding uncovering of simple truths that apply to every living person”

For more information, contact Sheela at [email protected] Whatsapp/mobile: 677 596 880.  Programme and speaker info at:  www.thevivaevent.com

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