Woman accused of hiring assassins has sentence reduced

Woman accused of hiring assassins has sentence reduced
NO SOLID EVIDENCE: The sentence was reduced Photo credit Pixabay

VALENCIA´S High Court of Justice reduced the custodial sentence given to a woman accused of hiring assassins to kill her husband’s mistress.

The events took place in 2010, when the accused found out her husband was having an affair.

The accused threatened her husband’s mistress and warned her that, if she did not stay away from her husband, she would kill her.

The victim was shot three times a few months later and died of a massive haemorrhage.

Alicante Provincial Court originally sentenced the accused to two years and nine months in prison, which was reduced to one year and nine months in Valencia earlier this week.

On delivering the verdict, the High Court judge said that, although the accused threatened the victim, there is no solid evidence to prove that she had any involvement in the murder.

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