World Mental Health Day: 40% of Murcia residents suffer stress

STRESSED: Students top the anxiety stakes. Photo credit: Audio Library

ACCORDING to a recent study, four out of ten people living in Murcia are suffering from various levels of stress.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day due to be recognised on October 10, the report produced by CINFA and endorsed by the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress, shows that the symptoms that affect sufferers in Murcia the most are irritability (52 per cent), anxiety (48 per cent) and insomnia (34 per cent).  These are followed by headaches or muscular pain (30 per cent) and mental fatigue (26 per cent).

Of those from Murcia that suffer from stress related illnesses, 55 per cent attribute this to work overload, 44 per cent to general fatigue and lack of sleep, 43 per cent to emotional problems.  Illness to themselves or a family member accounts for 41 per cent of the feelings of stress and anxiety.

At a national level, the results of the survey showed that 39 per cent are blaming stress on their levels of concentration and performance at their place of work.  Lower down the scale, 4 per cent blame their condition on a lack of friends and just over one per cent site divorce or separation.

The report also states that stress affects more women than men and the under 45s. By occupation or profession, it is students that top the list with 55 per cent of them saying they are continually stressed out.

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