A lifetime of art is being donated to local charities on the Costa Blanca

A lifetime of art is being donated to local charities on the Costa Blanca

JAVEA artist Billie Cook, now 86, is moving to an apartment equipped with the care service she may need in the future.

Unfortunately, even though the facility does have studios for the residents there is limited space for all her paintings and ceramics, so she is gifting many of them to raise money for local charities.

More than 100 of her paintings and ceramics will exhibited at Galería Marque, in Jávea’s historic centre. The inauguration will be November 27 at 7pm, to which all are invited.

Some selected works will be auctioned, but most will not be priced. Instead, everyone attending will be invited to select a painting or ceramic and make a donation, however big or small, of whatever they think it may be worth to themselves.

All money raised through the sale of the paintings and ceramics will be donated to local charities, including Grant a Wish that does wonderful work in injecting human kindness into the lives of the homeless, the very sick, those who are extremely poor and children or adults in great need on the Costa Blanca. Two of Billie’s favourite sanctuaries for cats and dogs will also benefit.

The exhibition will then be open from 28th November until 9th December.

For more information, contact Rod Davis at Galería Marque.

[email protected]  Tel 625 953 916

Galería Marque, Carrer del Virgen 9, Jávea 03730.

A lifetime of art is being donated to local charities on the Costa Blanca

About Billie

Over the course of her career Billie Cook has been an advertising art-buyer, prize-winning macramé artist, silver jewellery-maker, schoolteacher, celebrated ceramic artist, professional photographer and, now, a painter.

She took up work as a potter in the 1960’s winning much acclaim, being described as “one of the most promising amateur potters in years”. Her work was selling up to the equivalent today of £400, and was shown in South London galleries.

Modelling stoneware clay over long hours in cold water exasperated the  arthritis in her hands, forcing her to look to other means of creative expression. After a short spell as an adult student at Putney Art School Billie decided to continue to paint, but in her own style.

She bought a house in Jávea in 1971 and started to paint more seriously in 1972, influenced by the sunlight and sensations she found in Spain. Her work was first exhibited in 1984 at the Casa de Cultura in Jávea. She also continued with her photography, including as a photojournalist for the prestigious Lookout magazine and providing the photography for two major books about Jávea.

Further details of her life and work are on her website, billiecook.net

A lifetime of art is being donated to local charities on the Costa Blanca

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