A tram for everyone

A tram for everyone
PRESENTING: The Director of Clients and Accessibility of FGV, Francesc Romeu with the director of FGV in Alicante and the head of Stadler Valencia Photo credit Facebook

FERROCARRILS DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA (FGV) recently commissioned the construction of six new tram cars for Line 9 between Denia and Benidorm.

The new cars – costing €43 million in total – are being built by Stadler in Albuixech, Valencia and will be hybrid – able to operate on diesel or electric.

FGV has developed a new ‘Plan de Accesibilidad Universal’ (Universal Accessibility Plan) and aims to promote independent travel – a tram for everyone: even for those with limited mobility.

In compliance with the Royal Decree 1544/2007 (in force in the Valencia Community since 2009), FGV is striving to guarantee passengers with varying degrees of mobility the possibility of travelling autonomously by tram and is adapting its cars, infrastructure and information system.

Those with limited mobility will be able to board the tram using any of the doors as the new cars will adjust to the height of the platform.

There will be stop buttons throughout the cars, especially accessible in areas designated for wheelchairs and next to seats designed for those with limited mobility. Stop requests will be confirmed both over the tannoy and on scrolling passenger information screens.

Seats designed for those with limited mobility will be a different colour to allow easy identification and the floors of the new cars will be anti-reflective and non-slip.

The new tram cars will enter service in 2019.

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