A wee-lly good idea in Denia

A wee-lly good idea
SITTING PRETTY: Six-month old Xena with together with her water bottle Photo credit Marisa Otero Sampedro

COMPLAINTS from residents in Denia about the smells left lingering by dogs urinating in the street led Denia Council to launch a campaign – raising awareness among dog owners that not only should they pick up their pet’s number twos, they should also splash the street with some water when they wee.

The town’s Department of Public Safety has been giving out free water bottles, fondly labelled ‘Brisa de la Marineta’ and ‘Rosada del Montgo’ for dog owners to fill before they take their furry friend out for a walk, ready to wash down wherever their pet decides to do their business.

Over 2,000 water bottles were prepared, distributed by local businesses around the town.

The campaign has been well received, with many residents taking to social media to commend the council, in particular, Marisa Otero Sampedro who posted a photo of her six-month old Rottweiler Xena together with the water bottleto Facebook group La Ciudad de Denia with the caption:

“I wanted to thank Denia Council for this initiative… I am very happy with the water bottle for my dog ​​Xena’s pipis! It is the perfect size. When I first used it, people gave me funny looks as if I were a gremlin cleaning the streets, but I would highly recommend the bottles to all who have hairy friends at home. Together, we can keep Denia clean and smelling great!”

Other members added:

“It is comfortable to carry and it does not weigh a lot.”

“Very good initiative. the puppies are innocent of everything, if the owners do it well, everything is fine.”

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