‘Disaster’ mock-up planned near Alicante-Elche airport

ELCHE INDUSTRIAL PARK: Scene of major air ‘disaster’ Photo credit: Wikimedia

AROUND 500 people will be gathered together to take part in a mock air accident close to Alicante-Elche Airport. 

Representatives from 25 different organisations will participate in a major simulation of a plane crash with multiple victims – 30 dead and 35 injured – on Thursday November 9.

The drill will involve 44 people and 130 vehicles from across the province and will recreate the accident of a commercial aircraft that approaches Alicante-Elche Airport and suffers serious technical problems that cause it to lose height quickly. The pilot tries to land four kilometres away from the airport in one of the roadways of the Elche Industrial Park in Torrellano, destroying several vehicles in the process and crashing into a warehouse where several people are buried.  Another consequence of the ‘disaster’ is a resulting fuel spill has caused a nearby forest fire.

The aircraft has split in half during the crash landing and there are a large number of injured passengers among the dozens of dead bodies in the front section of the plane.

The details of the simulation were presented in Alicante by the director general of the emergency and security agency, José María Ángel, who emphasised the importance of next week’s exercise intended to have everything in place to enable a faster and more effective response in the event of such an unfolding disaster.

Apart from the crash site in Torrellano, the family room at the Alicante-Elche Airport will be used for those waiting for the arrival of the flight and the Alicante Tourism Centre as a focal point for information and assistance in the aftermath of the incident.

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