Grant a Wish, Javea – Any old onions?

Any old onions
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THERE’S lots going on in the Grant a Wish boutique in the Plaza de la Constitution in Javea.

If you drop in on a Monday you’ll be invited for a coffee and you can find out more about what this exceptional charity does for both individuals and organisations.

On Thursdays, in addition to our usual stock of good new and used clothing, jewellery, books, CDs and greetings cards, you may find some bags of onions and packs of rice and pasta!

Here’s how it works…

We’re a sociable crowd, and our volunteers come from several countries so we speak quite a few languages. Between us we run the boutique to raise funds which help support our causes. We’re all busy people and most of us pop back to our home countries from time to time so we’re always delighted to meet more people who might be able to help in the boutique, or at one of our events from time to time. If that might be you, please come in for a coffee and a chat on any Monday between 9.30am and 1.30pm.

On Thursdays we’re asking you to add a few items to your supermarket basket and bring to our fruit and veg shop. The stalls are exactly outside our shop so could you add a few items to your shopping and drop them in to us. We ask you this because amongst many other causes, we support a men’s shelter in Gandia. Every week, our volunteers buy, collect and deliver foodstuffs and toiletries without which the shelter could not properly function. The men there depend on the donations from Grant a Wish for their existence. Could you, or a business you work for, donate, or even sponsor on a weekly basis, some of the essential foodstuffs, kitchen items and toiletries the men’s shelter needs?

None of the items are individually expensive, so a small donation is as welcome as a sponsored commitment. UHT full fat milk is high on the list – could a local shop donate a few dozen litres a week? Or how about rice, dried macaroni, vegetable oil, carrots, onions, tomatoes, jars of lentils, Coca Cola, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, shower gel – or boiled sweets! Any of these will be so gratefully welcomed. On Thursdays – market day – when you’re doing your shopping, could you perhaps put an extra pack of rice or macaroni in your supermarket trolley, or buy an extra kilo or two of onions, tomatoes or carrots the shelter needs? No need to carry them far – you can drop them into the shop. Our volunteers load up their cars and deliver them to Gandia every Friday. The boutique is open from 9.30am – 1.30pm and you will be very welcome.

As a charity we try to help as many people as we can. If we can find additional support for some of our existing projects – such as the men’s refuge – we can help others, such as our exciting new project enabling riding for the disabled pupils of Raquel Paya school in Denia at the Lledò stables in La Xara. Come in to the boutique to find out more. We’re there Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30am – 1.30 pm and on Tuesday and Friday from 5pm – 7pm.

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