Ask the Optician – Can Cancer Affect the Eyes?

Ask the Optician - Can Cancer Affect the Eyes

Can cancer affect the eyes?

Yes it can, although it is rare. There are two main types of cancer which can be found inside the eye, Primary Intraocular Cancer which starts inside the eyeball and Metastic Cancer, which starts somewhere else in the body and then spreads to the eye.

What are the symptoms of eye cancer?

Unfortunately, this is a disease which often comes with little or no symptoms, which makes it difficult to spot. Some of the symptoms of eye cancer can include; loss of vision, seeing flashing lights, a dark spot on the iris which gradually grows, a visible lump on your eyelid and pain in and around the eye.

How can eye cancer be diagnosed?

In many cases, eye cancer can be spotted during a routine eye test. For example, Andrew Beckett went to Specsavers in Mallorca for an eye test after noticing blurry vision. During the sight test the optician immediately suspected that there was a problem and advised him to go straight to casualty. Tests revealed cancer of the eye and he was quickly admitted to hospital for an operation to remove the cancer before it spread and Mr Beckett is now fully recovered.

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