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ski eye care

DURING the ski season I receive lots of questions about eye care so I’ve put together the most commonly asked questions to allow everyone to enjoy the sun safely on the slopes.

Q: Why are my eyes more at risk when I’m skiing?

A: The atmosphere on the slopes is very clear and the reflection of sunlight on the slopes is very strong. These two factors combine to be potentially damaging to the eyes and could lead to long term effects.

Q: How does this affect my eyes?

A: Although people know how important it is to keep skin protected from the sun, few realise how damaging UV rays can be to the eyes. The UVB rays can irritate the surface of the eye, causing a painful form of sunburn of the eye (called photokeratitis).You may not even be aware whilst out in the snow, as the effects can take 6-12 hours to develop. Long-term exposure to UVB can cause cataracts and even ocular tumours.

Q: How can I protect my eyes on the slopes?

A: All you need is good sunglasses or goggles, but make sure you choose the right ones. Always read the label carefully and choose the maximum protection factor available and a wraparound style to avoid light and wind coming in from the sides.

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