Banged up abroad

Banged Up Abroad

A SPANISH man has been detained in France for smuggling one ton of cannabis from Malaga.

The 35-year-old is being held after his truck was searched by officers in Montmarault near Lyon.  Police say he was stopped due to collaboration between the Spanish and French authorities.

Drugs busts are continuing across the Costa del Sol with a man arrested in Malaga earlier this month for importing 65 kilos of cocaine.

The man has been handed over to a court in Alegciras and police have not ruled out further arrests after they discovered the drugs at Algeciras port.

Officers from the Tax Agency and Guardia Civil seized the narcotics after becoming suspicious of a shipment.  Using a non-intrusive scanner, officers discovered the cocaine had been hidden in eight small metal cylinders covered in lead.

The scanner showed officers the shipment’s contents did not match their description and they began to examine the objects.  Looking into the cylinders, they found pills which, when tested, where found to be cocaine.

Police tracked the shipment back to a company on an industrial estate in Malaga and discovered the property did not seem to be used for commercial operations.

In October, police began investigating another company in Malaga after finding 1,109 kilos of cocaine hidden in cargo containers.

The drugs, which have now been seized, were discovered concealed among an order of plasterboard panels being shipped from Colombia to the Malaga-based construction company.  The tax office, National Police, German customs office and Spanish branch of the American Drug Enforcement Administration began working together in August thanks to a tip off about an international crime organisation.

Their investigations led them to the construction company, whose headquarters are in Seville, and the discovery of the shipment.

In August, the leader of Estonia’s largest drug trafficking gang in Russia was arrested in Mijas following a joint operation between Spanish and Estonian police.

Three members of the criminal network, named Kemerovo, which operated out of Estonia, were also arrested in Tallinn, under operation Fulcrum-Carinatus.

Police believe the man arrested in Mijas moved to Spain to avoid falling victim to assassination in the wake of increasing gang violence in Estonia, as well as to establish a power base there for drug trafficking, among other crimes, as well as to launder money.

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