Brit gets glassed in bar brawl

Brit gets glassed in bar brawl
OFF TO THE STATION WE GO: Guardia Civil officers march the Colombian man to the station Photo credit Guardia Civil

A 41-YEAR-OLD Colombian man has been arrested for glassing a 36-year-old British man at a cocktail bar in Moraira.

A 41-year-old Dominican man also faces charges over his involvement in the brawl, which at least four more people joined in on.

The police investigation revealed that, earlier in the evening, the British man had a heated discussion with several people in the street about parking, including the Colombian and the Dominican.

Later in the evening, the three crossed paths again at the cocktail bar and got into an argument, which soon spiralled out of control.
Punches and kicks were thrown before the Colombian man smashed a bottle of beer and stabbed the British man with it three times – twice in his torso and again in one of his legs.

The British man was rushed to Hospital Marina Salud de Denia, where he was admitted with serious injuries.

The Colombian detainee will face charges for serious injuries by stabbing. The Dominican man will face minor injury charges for bruises inflicted upon two other participants in the brawl and the British man will also face minor injury charges for kicking the Dominican man and breaking his wrist.

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