Car insurance in Spain – points recovery course

Points recovery course
Points recovery course

SPANISH points-based licence system

The Spanish points system gives 8 points to drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years and 12 points for drivers who have held it for over 3 years. If no traffic offences are committed after 3 years drivers receive an additional 3 points. A point is awarded every subsequent 3-year period up to a maximum of 15 points. Drivers can recuperate points by completing a re-education course of 12 hours or a 24 hour course if drivers have lost all their points. Once the course is passed successfully drivers are awarded 8 points on their licence.

What is covered?

Under Línea Directa’s Traffic Fine Handling service, the policy holder or owner of the insured vehicle as well as any other drivers legally entitled to drive the vehicle can benefit up to a maximum of €500 of the cost of traffic re-education and awareness course, as well as the fees payable in connection with the driving licence recovery test.

How are points deducted?

Drivers will lose 6 points if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances. Reckless driving, refusing to take a breathalysing test or drugs test, driving over 50% of the speed limit.

And drivers will lose 4 points for putting other drivers at risk, throwing objects on the road that could cause accidents or fire, exceeding limits by over 40kph, endangering cyclists, illegally parking, exceeding maximum passenger capacity by 50%.

Driving without a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and not keeping a safe driving distance will result in a 3 point fine.

How reimbursement works

Línea Directa will decide whether payment shall be made to the beneficiary directly or by means of reimbursement upon delivery or the relevant proof of payment.

Exclusions and limitations

Cover shall be provided only once during each policy period.

Only penalty points lost in connection with the insured vehicle and for a reason not excluded in the policy shall be taken into account.

Claimants must notify Línea Directa within 3 months of the notification date of points loss or licence disqualification.

Cover shall not be provided in the event of disqualification if the beneficiary is given a guilty verdict.

Any loss of points arising from legal infringements or criminal acts are excluded.

Drivers must pass the driving licence recovery course on first attempt to qualify for cover.


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