Castration programme prevents 18,000 cats in Torrevieja

Castration programme prevents 18,000 cats

COUNCILLOR for Animal Protection in Torrevieja, Carmen Morate, has given an update on the municipality’s campaign on cat castration.

Over the past two years, it’s been estimated that because of direct council intervention and funding, there have been 18,000 fewer cats in Torrevieja.

Morate said: “It is estimated that each female can give birth two to three times a year with an average of four kittens, and so with the measures we’ve adopted we’ve prevented 3,000 kittens in the first year…that could’ve increased 18,000 cats after the second year.”

The programme has cost €13,972.13 thanks to a subsidy from the Alicante province and has enabled a total of 571 cats to be castrated.

To enable the castration programme to be carried out, wild cats are humanely captured through traps and then operated on by qualified vets before being return to their colony.  The more domesticated cats or those that have been abandoned are found new foster or permanent homes after being similarly castrated.

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