Christmas shopping in Fuengirola

Christmas shopping

SHOPPING has just got a little easier this Christmas thanks to a new scheme in Fuengirola.

The town’s council has launched a campaign to support local businesses, entitled “this Christmas, your purchases in Fuengirola,” encouraging people to pop out to their local shop to buy gifts this year.

Ricardo Von Wichmann, Councillor for Commerce, explained, “we are hoping to promote responsible consumption this Christmas, which is achieved by making purchases at local shops, therefore supporting entrepreneurs and the self-employed in Fuengirola.  He added, “with the festivities just around the corner and the traditional gift lists and requests, it is more than likely that we think about shopping”

The councillor explained 95 per cent of Spain’s companies were small and medium-sized enterprises, making up 75 per cent of the country’s jobs.  Von Wichmann said it was important to “support the commercial fabric of the town, which is struggling for business every day.”

He concluded the council was helping local shops by putting on a Christmas window display competition, as well as Christmas market and a publicity campaign encouraging people to shop locally.

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