Denia not giving up on bulls

Denia Not giving up on bulls
A PEACEFUL REMINDER: STOP members outside Denia’s Town Hall Photo credit Facebook

Members of STOP Bous a la Mar Denia (STOP) gathered at Denia Town Hall last Thursday as local politicians met for October’s plenary session.

STOP members congregated peacefully, in another bid for the politicians to review the use of bulls in the town’s annual Bous a la Mar event.

A short manifesto was read in Spanish, Valencian and English as STOP members heldbanners and signs:

“From STOP Bous a la Mar: We denounce the continuous animal abuse that the council here allows, failing their own bylaws and ignoring the general guidelines on animal welfare established by the European Commission.

We ask the government in Denia to review the ‘Bous a la Mar’ fiesta, where bulls and cows suffer year after year and even sometimes die. A ‘party’ in which the animals are chased through the streets, surrounded by people and tricked in to falling into the sea. It has been proven by several specialists that the animals suffer, both in the activity itself and during transportation.

We will not let the politicians in this town forget their responsibilities, we will peacefully remind them that bulls and cows are suffering year after year. Denia is actively investing money and efforts in this poor excuse for a fiesta, which tarnishes the reputation of this city.

This is why and until Denia stops mistreating the animals: STOP Bous a la Mar!”

Off the back of demonstrations held whilst the event took place in the summer, a petition on for Denia to call time on the use of bulls in its Bous a la Mar event has racked up nearly 13,500 signatures.

STOP member and activist Zoe Gumm said:

“Last Thursday, STOP members decided to meet outside the Town Hall before the monthly plenary session. We did this to show the politicians that we will never stop demanding for a cruelty-free alternative to Bous a la Mar.  There are often demonstrations against Bous a la Mar during fiesta season but then it all goes a bit quiet. Given the success of our most recent demonstration, we thought that it was important to keep the momentum up.

Surprisingly all the politicians were very friendly, chatty and happy to see us. We even got a few thumbs-up.”

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