Did you know that aging spots will make your face look 10 years older?

Did you know that aging spots will make your face look 10 years older

BUT most people have aging spots, or pigmentation in the skin, and it normally appears after the age of 35. A lot of products are promised to heal this skin condition, but it’s rarely it gives changing results.

The medical chemical peels are the solution for your problems of spots, but also for wrinkles, dehydration, lack of luminosity, and acne problems.

The chemical peeling in a simple technique used to improve the appearance of the skin through the accelerated renewal of the most superficial layers of the skin and the repair of the deep layers.

What results do we get from peeling?

– decrease the depth of wrinkles and firm the skin

– remove stains and homogenize skin tone

– Control the excess of fat and the own inflammation of acne prone skin, acne

– reduce scars, acne marks and stretch marks

– revitalize and moisturize the skin

– lighten dark circles

We have several types of peeling, depending on the depth of the problem.

-Superficial – we treat fine wrinkles, oily skin and dilated pores, non-uniform color, dehydration, lack of luminosity, dark circles

-Middle- we treat wrinkles, spots, scars and stretch marks

-Deep-flaccidity, severe spots, deep scars

The best time to do peelings are in the winter, as sun exposure can be very damaging to the skin. At Derma Clinic Spain we always take our patients commands seriously, and we will treat your skin with the peeling that is most suitable for your skin. For any questions, please call, or make a free first consultation.

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