Eleven professional drivers fail drug tests

Eleven professional drivers fail drug tests

DURING the course of one week, 11 people who drive for a living failed a drugs test as part of a special campaign aimed at drivers of heavy vehicles.  Two others also showed signs of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The tests, undertaken by the Guardia Civil throughout the Murcia region, were set up to detect serious driving violations – apart from those concerned with drugs and alcohol – such as driving through rest periods, using mobile phones and other distractions that are known to cause accidents involving these vehicles.

A total of 609 professional drivers were tested during the campaign – that included bus drivers – and from the 11 that tested positive for drugs, three were on cocaine and eight on cannabis.  They were reported to the provincial traffic headquarters in Murcia and are liable to fines of €1,000 and a loss of six points from their driving license.

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