Eleven years for baby killer

TORREVIEJA TRAGEDY: Baby had jugular slashed by mother. Photo credit: Policia Nacional

A WOMAN has been sent to prison for 11 years for killing her baby.

In the end to what has been a tragic case from start to finish, the mother slit the throat of her baby that was just 11 months old at the time.

The baby had been born with the condition known as hydrocephalus – its head was much larger than normal – and the original plan was to operate to relieve the pressure on his brain.  However, the mother had little faith in traditional medical practices and discharged her child from the hospital in Zürich, Switzerland and fled the country to Torrevieja just before Christmas in 2013.

The mother explained that she’d always opted for natural medicine and in fact had blamed her baby’s condition on some of the medication she was taking during her pregnancy…and at the time didn’t know she was expecting a child.

When the baby was born and diagnosed with hydrocephalus, tests and subsequent surgery were recommended but rather than take the advice of doctors, walked out of the hospital with her baby.

Police in Switzerland issued an arrest warrant for the woman and secured an order to have the child taken into care, but she’d already arrived in Spain.  Then, in January 2014 a resident of Torrevieja saw the woman in a local supermarket after seeing images of her on the TV news, and after reporting the sighting to the Guardia Civil she was arrested and the baby taken to Torrevieja Hospital.

It was then that the tragedy unfolded.  The mother, even though she was under the supervision of Guardia Civil officers at the time, took the baby into the washing area saying she was going to give it a bath.  She then produced an 18 inch bladed knife and proceeded to cut the baby’s throat in three places.  It died shortly after from a loss of blood despite valiant attempts by hospital medical staff; the mother survived a suicide attempt with the same knife.

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