More HGV drivers fail drugs tests in Murcia

POSITIVE: One of the drivers tested in charge of dangerous materials Photo credit: DGT (Spanish Traffic Department)

DURING a 24-hour period, officers from the Guardia Civil in Murcia carried out a further number of checks on HGV drivers to see if they were driving under the influence of drugs.

For this latest exercise, they stopped 235 drivers of which 19 of them tested positively for narcotics made up of 12 for cannabis, 6 for cocaine and the remaining one for a combination of the two substances.

At the beginning of November a similar campaign was aimed at professional HGV and other drivers which delivered positive tests record on 12 people both drink and drug driving; one of them being a bus driver.

Last month, five members from the same family were killed on the motorway near to Sangonera la Seca after an accident caused by a lorry driver who was on cocaine, despite the fact that he said he was distracted at the time of the tragedy.  Tests showed otherwise.

Apart from the positive drugs testing during the recent campaign, that included one driver in charge of a 40 ton articulated lorry full of gas bottles, the Guardia Civil also recorded almost 50 other road traffic violations that included driving for longer than the permitted hours.

Current road safety regulations allow for a fine of €1,000 and a loss of six points on the driving licence for being found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs.

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