Firefighters get the bird… and a dog

RESCUED: One of two animals saved in a matter of hours

FIREFIGHTERS were called to the rescue of two different animals trapped in different parts of the Alicante province on the same day. 

First of all, around midday on Saturday, they were called to rescue a medium-sized dog that was trapped in a narrow, small section of pipe next to the IES Las Fuentes school on the outskirts of Villena.  It appears the dog fell through a hole in the drain and unable to get out walked along some 25 metres.

Passers-by heard the dog barking to attract attention and the alarm was raised.  Firefighters used a special harness to bring the dog out that had been trapped about five feet down.  The dog was a little shaken but otherwise in good condition and was taken to the Villena local police where they attempted to locate the owner.

Later on in the afternoon, a pigeon was seen getting its leg entangled with a high-voltage power cable in Torrellano, just outside of Alicante.  Three fire engines arrived equipped with a ladder and their own specialist equipment for saving animals.

Firefighters contacted electricity company Iberdrola to check that the wiring was in good condition and safe to carry out the pigeon’s rescue.  As with the trapped dog earlier in the day, the bird was in good condition and was taken in by a local resident to look after before handing it over to authorities in Elche.

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